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Required Documents to Enroll in Foundations Medical Adult Day Services Program

A Foundations’ staff member will assist you or your family member through the admittance process, but it helps to be prepared. If your loved one is currently in the hospital, the first five items on this checklist will be taken care of by hospital staff. Otherwise, make an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss the following items to help prepare for admission into a Foundations Medical Adult Day Care:

1. Signed Physician’s Order for Admission to a Medical Adult Service - A doctor needs to confirm that a participant needs to enter Foundations Medical Adult Day Care for services. This order is similar to writing out a prescription. 

2.  Signed Physician’s Order for Medications and Treatment - Your loved one will have a new physician and caregivers at Foundations. To care for him or her, they will need medical orders from a primary care physician or hospital staff.  

3.  Medical History and Physical (H&P) - Foundations’ attending physician needs up-to-date information on your loved one. The primary care physician should perform a physical and write up a current medical history.  You care find Foundations’ History and Physical (H&P) form here.

4.  State-Required Assessment (Level of Care) - Maryland requires that a participant have a Level of Care, which is a required assessment completed by the hospital (3871B) or the local Health Department (AERS Assessment).

5.  Transferring from another Medical Adult Service? - If the participant is transferring from another Medical Adult Day Care, the participant does not need to new Level of Care.  The participant can sign the Voluntary Consent to Transfer (VCT) form and send to our admissions staff.

6.  Negative Tuberculosis (TB) Test or Chest X-Ray - TB is an airborne communicable disease. Foundations must make sure their participants do not have or carry this disease.  

7.  Labeled Medication - Foundations can only administer medication if it is in a properly labeled container provided by the pharmacy.  Foundations will not accept medications that are in plastic bags, in containers with handwritten labels, not labeled at all, or medications that are not on the physician’s order provided.

8.  Discharge Paperwork or Medical Records - In order to provide comprehensive care to our participants, Foundations’ requires that potential participants provide recent hospital discharge paperwork or recent medical records.  If these are not available, please let the admissions staff know, as they may be able to assist in obtaining these items. 

9.  Completed Admissions Paperwork - Usually, paperwork can be filled out prior to or on the day of admission. Most often these forms are filled out at the facility with a staff member.

  • The participant (or agent) will sign their name several times after learning pertinent information. Because Foundations is regulated by state and federal laws, Foundations needs written proof that the participant learned this information.
  • Part of the paperwork gives the participant’s consent to be treated.
  • As part of the application process your loved one will need to bring his or her state issued identification card, social security card and insurance card.
  • Foundations will also need contact information on their next of kin, emergency contact and care provider’s information (if applicable).