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Specialized Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Mental Health Assistance

Foundations Medical Adult Day Services in Linthicum, Maryland, is a leading provider of mental health assistance through our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP). Helping our participants with the ability to live independently is our goal. With our help, participants can learn to cope with adjustments to their current situations avoiding re-hospitalization.  

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Some of the skills you or your loved one can learn include:

• Informed Decision Making
• Anger Management
• Medication and Illness Management
• Coping Skills
• How to Build & Maintain Healthy Relationships

Admission Benefits

Anyone diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness are eligible to enroll in our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP). We accept participants who are 18 years old and above into a well-maintained environment that is conducive to their recovery. To maximize the quality of care we provide, we offer the following services:

• On-Site Psychiatric Services
• Case Management
• GED Classes
• Young Adults Group

• Substance Abuse Counseling (NA/AA Groups)
• On-site Mental Health Therapy
• Social Relationship Mentoring


How to Enroll

A client must be referred by a licensed mental health professional. Contact us for more information on the admission process. Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program assists adults in the areas of:

• Independent Living and Housing
• Money Management
• Social Relationships
• Leisure Activities
• Adaptive Equipment Services
• Self-Administration of Medication
• Employment and Education
• Mobility and Transportation
• Educational and Vocational Training
• Health and Weight Management
Disabled Woman

Grievance Procedures
In order to resolve problems as quickly as possible, Foundations stresses that clear communication is essential to ensure that all reasonable efforts to resolve problems are undertaken. When a problem arises at Foundations, the following process will be utilized:

  • A complaint shall be presented to the Program Director in telephone or writing.
  • If the problem is not resolved at this level, the Director of Operations will be notified.
  • If the problem is still not resolved to the participant’s satisfaction, the Executive Director will be contacted.
  • If the participant is not satisfied with the Executive Director’s decision, the complaint will be referred to the PRP Advisory Committee.
  • If the client is not satisfied with the decision of the Advisory Committee, they can contact OHCQ at (410) 402-8015 and/or ACHC at (855) 937-2242.

Download our current brochure and our referral form to enroll in Foundations Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program.